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What is Ratemarkt?

Ratemarkt is a cloud based B2B hotel booking platform exclusively built for travel agencies at any scale to provide a unique price comparison and booking experience.

What Can Ratemarkt Do For You?

Price Comparison

Register your travel company instantly and start analysing and comparing prices from your favorite hotel suppliers. You're also free to setup your own supplier contracts among the others which you can still compare and pick the best one for your reservations.

Book Now, Pay Later

Whenever you see this label, you can secure your reservation instantly and can make the payment with your secured credit card for later until the deadline. You're also very welcome to book any rate using your own contracts those available which should have been setup earlier.

Connect and Manage

Ratemarkt supports plenty of hotel suppliers integrated into its booking engine allowing you to use your supplier contracts without any need of integration effort. You can also create and manage external client accounts and feed them with desired supplier inventory.

Distribution XML API

Ratemarkt thanksfully comes with a generic use of search & booking API which you can use it to feed your XML clients or your applications with your own hotel products. You don't need any other XML solution and you don't have to pay a fortune for such systems.

What our partners say about us?

Ratemarkt provided us increased visibility in most major and niche markets while helping us expanding our client network globally

Shivali Kosla Managing Director at GRN Connect

Ratemarkt simply expanded our supplier network through a single integration while providing us additional contracts instantly without need of any commercial workload.

Janna Karataeva Global Sales Director at Hotelspro

Ratemarkt has proven the market that our directly contracted rates are always the best, especially when it comes to our leisure product.

Fernando Morote Sales and Business Development Director at Yalago

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